The combination of Forex brokerage services and crypto-exchange


While there are many crypto exchanges offering access to a range of cryptocurrency pairs and tokens, the MT4 platform for currencies and cryptocurrencies has been successful because the new crypto trading offering – currencies on the MT4 platform is supported by NordFX’s Fix, Pro and Zero Trading Accounts, where credit leverage is offered, as well as spreads from 1 pip on the Fix account, 0, 9 pips on the Pro account and from 1 pip for crypto pairs and the ability to trade crypto indices.

In addition to the MT4 platform, the professionals at NordFX have developed an MTEX ​​trading system which has evolved the MT4 platform into a crypto exchange.

A new peer-to-peer trading system allows NordFX clients to trade directly with each other, the advantage being that orders can be executed cheaply and with rapid execution, not only reducing the impact of market volatility. cryptomarket on the execution price, but also trading fees and spreads.

The key to the success of any peer-to-peer trading system is reach and volume, something NordFX can provide to clients in over 100 countries, with over 1 million active accounts, reach and liquidity. are there to ensure that trading costs are lowered and order executions can proceed at the speeds necessary to limit the effects of market volatility on the execution price. All of these create an attractive combination when you consider the fees charged by other crypto exchanges, not to mention the execution speeds that can cause quite a slippage.

While a large number of crypto exchanges offer a very limited number of cryptocurrency pairings, NordFX has not shied away from delivering its clients and potential clients with a large number of pairings which include: BTCUSD; ETHUSD; DSHUSD; BCHUSD; XRPUSD; ZECUSD; BTGUSD; EOSUSD; ETCUSD; NEOUSD; USD LTC; OMGUSD; XMRUSD; and IOTUSD.

The minimum and maximum lot sizes vary depending on the pairing, with the margins being significantly lower than the suggested margins for the less volatile currency pairs. The availability of the MT4 platform and the peer-to-peer platform for cryptocurrency trading will certainly attract crowds as more traders seek exposure to the cryptocurrency market while by seeking to retain the ability to trade the most mature asset. Classes.

For traders looking to gain more mixed exposure to the crypto market, NordFX has also created cryptocurrency indices that include 10ALT; TOP3ALT: TOP5CRYPT and TOP14CRYPT.

Adding to the allure of the NordFX MT4 platform and cryptocurrency trading is the option of not only being long but also short on cryptocurrency pairs and indices.

With NordFX, traders can hold account balances in USD, ETH, and BTC and while there has been a lot of bad press on hacked cryptocurrency exchanges, NordFX has been successful in protecting the assets of traders, traders. traders also benefiting from the appropriate levels of security. to protect individual trading accounts against theft.


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