Market makers

Sebi reflects on market makers to deepen corporate bond segment

NEW DELHI: In order to develop and strengthen the corporate bond segment, the Indian regulator Securities and Exchange Board (Sebi) is considering the creation of a set of “market makers”. These are entities that quote both a buy and sell price of corporate bonds in order to create liquidity in the secondary market for those […]

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Home loan services launched in London UK with bad credit rating

Polar Mortgages, based in London, UK, available at + 44-20-3129-4573, is launching updated services for customers with low credit scores. The company offers expert brokerage in the subprime loan market. London, UK – August 5, 2021 / PressCable / – Polar Mortgages, a mortgage specialist based in London, UK, has launched extensive refinancing services. The […]

Market makers

SushiSwap Reveals Four New Auto Market Makers To Reduce Swap Price Impact

SushiSwap recently revealed that it has built new crypto trading products for its decentralized exchange platform. Invented as “The Next Generation AMM”, users of the exchange will be able to create their own pools of liquidity. The DeFi platform aims to enable users to choose a pool that suits their risk appetite. Ethereum-based decentralized exchange […]

Market makers

Salaries of FPGA engineers in hedge funds and market makers

In terms of niche positions for developers in the financial services industry, it is difficult to get more niche positions than engineering positions working on ultra-low latency systems in systematic hedge funds and corporations. high-speed market making. They don’t come back often, and when they do, they need a special talent: the ability to program. […]

Market makers

Perpetual v2 protocol delivers leveraged and concentrated liquidity from market makers »CryptoNinjas

Perpetual Protocol, a decentralized cryptocurrency derivatives protocol that offers a range of perpetual contracts, unveiled Curie, version 2 of the protocol. This upgrade allows Perpetual Protocol to generate more transaction volume through more efficient liquidity distribution. Perpetual Protocol is currently one of the leading decentralized derivative protocols with nearly 18 billion volumes since its launch […]

Market makers

Foreign ETF Market Makers – Welcome to Australia!

With the aim of improving competition and market making efficiency in the Australian Exchange Traded Fund (AND F) in the market making industry, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) now allows ETF issuers to use foreign market makers. Following consultations with ETF issuers and market makers, as well as the Australian Tax Office, ASIC […]

Market makers

The investment climate is rebounding – Launch of IFLR’s guide to African market makers

Click here to read all chapters of IFLR Africa Market Makers 2021 With a young population and a large consumer base, Africa remains the world’s source of economic potential. The African Development Bank predicts that the continent’s real GDP will grow by 3.4% in 2021, after contracting 2.1% in 2020. The rebound will be driven […]

Market makers

Automated market makers are dead

Billions of dollars poured into decentralized exchange protocols based on the Automated Market Maker (AMM) model, which initiates network effects by inducing liquidity with project tokens, creating a self-sustaining ecosystem of traders. and yield producers. This mechanism allowed decentralized exchanges (DEX) to compete for the first time with centralized counterparts, such as Coinbase, which can […]

Market makers

ETF issuers may use foreign market makers

Issuers of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) can now use foreign market makers as the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) has updated its class order. ASIC does ASIC Corporations (Amendment) Instrument 2021/299 (Amending Instrument) to modify the collective prescription 13/721 [CO 13/721] (Class Order), which removed the requirement in the Class Order that an authorized participant […]

Market makers

One of NYSE’s Largest Market Makers Joins Solana-Based Data Project

advertising One of the largest trading firms creating markets on the New York Stock Exchange announced last week that it was breaking into the decentralized financial space by joining a Solana-based market data project. GTS – best known for facilitating large initial public offerings on NYSE – has joined Pyth Network, a data project led […]