Here’s How One of NYSE’s Biggest Market Makers Breaks Into DeFi


Episode 66 of Season 3 of The Scoop was recorded remotely with Frank Chaparro and Ari Rubenstein of The Block, co-founder and Ryan Sheftel, co-founder and CEO of Radkl.

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In this episode of The Scoop, founder Ari Rubenstein and founder and CEO Ryan Sheftel joined host Frank Chaparro to discuss the launch of their new crypto company, called Radkl.

Radkl, which originated from New York Stock Exchange trading and market maker GTS, is a new digital asset trading company. GTS currently trades hundreds of thousands of financial instruments algorithmically, which, according to GTS, represents approximately “five percent of all US stock markets by volume.”

Radkl’s focus on crypto today means providing liquidity and possibly entering into decentralized financial protocols like staking, among other services he expects to offer his clients.

“Being involved in the provision of liquidity, in the AMM and DeFi protocols is an obvious first start,” said Sheftel. The CEO said he expects traditional CeFi order books to merge with AMM liquidity and Radkl to serve this sector of the market.

Meanwhile, Rubenstein sees the early days of crypto businesses as a type of disruption and similar growth potential for traditional businesses in an era when capital markets went electronic and online.

Rubenstein thinks they’re the early entrants in a growing market, “I think we’re going to see a world very soon, Frank, where we’ll see an explosion in secondary markets for things that previously didn’t have secondary markets. that are now being made by this digitization of industries which – I’m not just talking about financial instruments or digital images like entities – I’m hearing a lot of other things that could be the backbone of CeFi and the decentralized finance. ”

Hedge fund investor and Mets owner Steve Cohen has also announced that he will back Radkl. Although for now, the exact sum of this investment has not been disclosed.

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