Hashflow Announces $ 3.2 Million Funding Round to Bring Professional Market Makers to DeFi, Backed by Dragonfly Capital and Electric Capital


Hashflow builds on this foundation laid by AMMs, connecting DeFi traders with the best manufacturers in the crypto market. Using Hashflow, traders can receive price quotes directly from market markers and stream on-chain trades using Web3 wallets in a completely reliable way. By replacing AMM bond curves with professional market makers, Hashflow offers traders better prices, zero slippage, and the lowest gas costs of any decentralized exchange on Ethereum.

For market makers, Hashflow provides access to the expanding DeFi market while allowing full control over their inventory and pricing strategies. Until now, market makers have had to deploy capital in public liquidity pools, use pre-defined pricing functions, and pay high gas fees to switch strategies on-chain. With Hashflow, market makers can use tailor-made pricing strategies and chain them together using digital signatures. This gives market makers full control over their capital and flexibility to adapt to market conditions, using strategies based on years of experience in centralized markets.

Jon kol, Director of Galaxy Digital, a leading cryptocurrency investment firm and market maker, commented: “Hashflow is the first project we have supported that enables market makers to effectively quote prices to traders Challenge. “

Hashflow launched its private closed alpha product this week, with market makers offering price quotes to traders on the Ethereum mainnet. In the coming weeks, Hashflow plans to onboard more market makers and add additional asset pairs that dominate on-chain trading volumes. The general public will be able to access Hashflow and chain trade with market makers by the end of the second quarter.

To sign up for the private alpha and start updates, please visit www.hashflow.com.

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