A loan for online proof – in which companies via the Internet?


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 Nowadays, getting the cash you need is very easy because for this purpose we need a full ID card and a computer with internet access.

Obtaining the necessary cash via the internet is not a big problem these days. All we need is a personal ID card, we have access to a computer with the internet and, of course, we have a bank account to which the full amount of the loan will be transferred. Online proof loan – in which companies will we get such a loan only as proof and without additional certification, and also fully online?

The choice from this angle is quite large. If we want to obtain a loan that will not be required to submit additional certificates. All you need to do is to provide your ID card without any major obstacles. We will find an offer that suits us. To help you and save you more, I decided to introduce five selected companies. Such companies, in which all formalities will be based mainly on ID card and online access . My choice is only for companies that offer long-term loans and thus for repayment of loans in monthly installments.

In these companies – a loan for evidence is available online

In these companies - a loan for evidence is available online

One of the more popular offers that have recently appeared on the domestic non-bank loan market via the Internet. As probably some of you know, under this name is none other than the Provident company in which under the brand an online loan is available, i.e. a loan to which an additional meeting with the company’s consultants is not necessary. Literally a few weeks ago, the company’s offer has increased in terms of the loan limit. Therefore, we can now borrow up to 10,000 zlotys from them. The offer is available to all people who are 18 or older. They should also have everything that is needed to obtain an internet loan, and therefore an ID card, an active bank account and a mobile phone.

What distinguishes from various other companies is a strictly defined repayment period which can be no less and no more than 4 months. Although we can not choose a different repayment period, we can decide for what amount of loan we want to borrow, but it will not be more than 1000 zlotys. All formalities in the case of loans are settled online, and it will be required to be completed 18 years and the other things I mentioned on the occasion of describing loans.

The offer itself is very similar to the offer of Loans. We have nearly the same amount of loans available, the same possibility of repaying loans in installments. The terms of obtaining a loan are also quite similar because a loan history is required both in and , both for the debtors’ registers and for verification in the (Credit Information Office) databases. The age limit looks slightly different, because in , to get a loan, you must be at least 20 years old. In ‘s favor there is also a slightly lower cost of loans.

At the end, the offer of an intermediary who will find a suitable loan offer for us, if we are looking specifically for a loan to which additional income certificates or other similar documents will not be required. In the case of online loans, the maximum amount of loans available is PLN 10,000, however, the company makes it possible to obtain even larger loans for which an additional meeting with the consultants of the selected company will be necessary.