A Democrat-funded Super PAC launched TV ads attacking Bob Stefanowski

HARTFORD, Conn. (WFSB) – A super PAC funded by the Democratic Governor’s Association has launched television ads attacking Bob Stefanowski.

Two other PACs could spend millions on ads to attack Governor Lamont.

We still have more than three months until the November election, but the negative publicity has already started.

PAC money is spent on both campaigns. A super PAC funded by the Democratic Governor’s Association launched a television campaign reminding voters of Stefanowski’s former role as CEO of a payday loan company. A company whose high interest loans are illegal in Connecticut.

Stefanowski’s role with payday loans was in question during his first run for governor. Stronger CT’s ad says, “He made millions running a payday loan company that charged workers up to 450% interest.”

Stefanowski’s campaign says, “We know Ned Lamont is stuck on the same old, tired policies and his big-money super PAC friends will say and do whatever they want to keep him in power.”

Stefanowski also receives PAC money, 1.6 million from CT Truth. Another PAC promised a $1 million campaign against Lamont.

This month, the candidates filed their quarterly financial reports. Since January 1, Governor Lamont has received nearly $7 million for his campaign. He invested most of that money. Lamont has spent over 6 million so far.

Bob Stefanowski has a total of over $11 million. He took out a $10 million loan and put it in the pot.

He has spent over $4 million so far.

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