Broker services

Asset Services Industry News | Citi strengthens its brokerage services on the B3 futures markets

Citi has extended its service offering to institutional clients of its US brokerage Futures Commission Merchant (FCM) for trading on the Brazilian futures market of B3S.A., the Brazilian Stock Exchange and the over-the-counter market. Through its Futures Merchant (FCM), Citi provides customers with an efficient and cost effective way to access the Brazilian market. FCM […]

Market makers

How moves in the VIX can make market makers fearful

Steve Sosnick, chief strategist of Interactive Brokers, joins Yahoo Finance to discuss what the VIX moves are saying about the market. Video transcript [MUSIC PLAYING] – This is Yahoo Finance Live. We are looking at futures that indicated a slightly lower open, so far. Now they have reversed and they point to a very slightly […]